About Us



Stu grew up on a farm in Tasmania where he learnt a number of valuable skills about the trade. He later went on to attend wool school in order to move into the industry. Later he went on to work in the wool export trade where he gained experience and expertise in wool buying, broking and classifications. In 1999, Stu brought these skills with him as he took over Ackroyd and Dadswell and has continued to expand both his skills as well as the business. 



In 2014, Ackroyd and Dadswell, in addition to their Geelong branch of the business a branch in Mortlake was added and is run by Ben Blain. Ben too, grew up on a farm and has been involved in the wool broking industry since he was 14. His valuable experience helped him transition into the professional wool broker industry and led him to the position he has today. Ben runs the Mortlake location and works as a wool buyer in the Mortlake district.