Wool Selling Options, Geelong and Mortlake

Ackroyd and Dadswell started as wool buyers but have since developed into a wool broking firm with a range of wool selling options to suit all types of wool growers. Being a private treaty buying and wool broking, Ackroyd and Dadswell has the marketing expertise to deliver the real value for your wool in a way that is convenient to you.

Contact Ackroyd and Dadswell today to see what we can do for you. Ask about price on test, as there are always orders that need to be filled.

  • Flat rate wool broker, no commissions

    Enjoy the full competition of all buyers, exporters and processors while knowing exactly what your wool broking costs will be. Ackroyd and Dadswell offer a comprehensive, full service wool broking business using all of our experience and trade contacts on our own show floor.

  • Price on test

    Ackroyd and Dadswell will provide an accurate and competitive price based on an in-shed or AWTA test and the day's wool market. Price can be provided ex-shed or delivered to our warehouse.

  • Online wool broking

    We understand if you have specific expectations and demands regarding your wool selling and we want to help you meet them. By offering online wool broking we are able to help you get the price you want for your product.

  • On-property, private treaty in-shed pricing

    For your convenience, Ackroyd and Dadswell provide in-shed pricing based on quality. As wool buyers, we know that cash flows can often be stretched for wool growers meaning that we provide same day payment. We understand cash flow needs and offer same day payment to ensure peace of mind.

  • On-property pick up and shed clean up

    Ensure that you can get on with managing your business, Ackroyd and Dadswell offer on-property pick up of wool and shed clean-up. We make it easy.

  • Same-day cash wool buyer

    Ackroyd and Dadswell pay on the same day. We know we're a rarity nowadays, but we still offer the same-day cash buying as we always have.

  • Butts and bags always welcome

    Ackroyd and Dadswell still offer a friendly in-house butts and bags buying service. Got a few fleeces, oddments, or last year's wool left over? Convert it to cash today with Ackroyd and Dadswell.